D.J. Tamer Final Four PoolTM

Creating solid March Madness pools since D.J.’s sophomore year in high school (1998).


Point system


o       Each round is worth 64 points, No play-in game. 2 points for each correct pick 1st round. 4 for 2nd round. 8 for 3rd. 16 for 4th.  32 for 5th. 64 for winner.

o       Upset points – Whenever there’s an upset, bonus points are given to those who picked it. The amount of points is simply the difference of the seeds. For instance, if a 13-seed beats a 4-seed, then 9 bonus points are added.

o       Results on D.J.’s website http://www.danieltamer.com/finalfour/



o       The cost is $5 per bracket.

o       Maximum number of brackets per person is 4.

o       The money must be turned in by March 20th (Day of first game).

§         Mail to 11931 Floral Hall Pl, Fishers IN 46037

§         Send via paypal to gregtamer@gmail.com (also e-mail to inform Greg Jr. of this)

§         Hand money directly to Greg Sr. or Greg Jr.

o       The bracket will come out on March 16th. Brackets must be submitted before March 20th.  Send picks to –

§         gregtamer@gmail.com or tamerg@gotown.net

§         Mail to 11931 Floral Hall Pl, Fishers IN 46037

§         Hand directly to Greg Sr. or Greg Jr.

§         Download software on website, enter picks, send output files to e-mail address above.

§         Through Yahoo NCAA Tournament Pick’Em Private Group:

·        http://tournament.fantasysports.yahoo.com/t1

·        Join a group

·        GroupID - 36028

·        Group Password – dj711

·        Group Name – *The* Tamer Final Four Pool

o       Not allowed in pool if money and bracket are not provided before first game (play-in game does not count).




o       No profit is earned from the pool. 100% of the money turned in is handed back out to the winners.

o       The goal is to get 100 entries.

o       The split for winners will be around 1st – 60%, 2nd – 30%, and 3rd – 10%

o       Last place gets their money back. They’ve suffered enough.